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Aero Workflow

Aero Workflow is designed to help modern accounting and bookkeeping firms proactively manage work, scale their practice, and gain insight into their performance. Aero helps firms realize the value of their knowledge capital to deliver excellent and profitable services. It does this by providing tools to transform the firm’s collective unique processes and procedures into interactive checklists assigned to staff as tasks. These smart checklists ensure that work can be performed by new and replacement staff. Step-by-step instructions on each checklist ensure consistent, detail-oriented, and accurate results. Busy firms go to the Aero Library to access curated checklists and procedures written by other accounting experts. From custom client work to marketing tasks, cross-training is virtually eliminated, and training new hires is a breeze. Scheduled recurring tasks make sure client work doesn’t slip through the cracks. Work assignments in Aero empower staff with clear instructions and resources and remove roadblocks before they happen by sharing relevant client data, passwords, and history throughout the firm. As staff work their way through every checklist assigned to them, their time and work notes are captured. The web-based platform means anytime, anyplace access. Management can watch the firm at work by viewing all current tasks as they move from Not Started to In-progress to Completed. At the end of the day when the work is done, Aero helps firm principals make key decisions by providing customizable performance metrics that give them an in-depth analysis of profitability, productivity, and efficiency. Firms looking to take their practice to the next level can capitalize on their intellectual property by distributing their checklists & procedures to their clients through managed accounts. Firms can use Aero Advisor as a method to distribute knowledge to clients in an interactive, organized manner. They can create procedure guides and checklist templates that can be shared across all their Advisor accounts while being managed in a central location.

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